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GeoSystems Analysis, Inc. (GSA) has pioneered innovative solutions for industry and government since 1994.  We are a small business with offices in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon and Antofagasta, Chile; serving clients in the federal, tribal, state, municipal, non-profit and private business sectors.  Our staff is composed of interdisciplinary scientists in the fields of soil science, surface and ground water hydrology, botany, riparian-wetland ecology, fire ecology, and rangeland science.

Our firm provides hands-on experience, highly trained personnel and cutting-edge research. Our clients benefit from our laboratory, field-based and computational solutions for unsaturated flow, groundwater resource and land reclamation issues.

Our Tucson, Arizona headquarters office hosts a soil physics laboratory, where we perform applied research on soil-water interactions, contaminant mobility and transport.

GSA offers our clients a full range of water resources and ecological services, from groundwater recharge, mine reclamation and hydrology, habitat restoration, watershed and conservation planning to the design and implementation of rigorous monitoring programs.  We work with clients to understand their specific land and water management challenges, and respond with pragmatic solutions founded on sound scientific principles.